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Construction Safety Assurance is a Nationally Recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO) registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Training we offer complies with the VET Quality Framework and leads to nationally recognised Statement of Attainments and Qualifications.  We specialise in Worksafe Training for High Risk Licences and courses in Dogging, Rigging, Scaffolding, Hoists, Elevating Work Platforms, Forklifts, Non Slewing Mobile Cranes, Bridge & Gantry Cranes, Work Safely at Heights & Scissor Lifts. Most training takes place at our premises at Factory 4, 9 Fowler Road, Dandenong South in Victoria but we are able to conduct training offsite if possible.

Construction Safety Assurance does not receive any form of government funding.  We are a nationally recognised  RTO that offers face to face Worksafe training courses only (no online courses) that meet all the Worksafe & Australian Qualifications Framework standards.  Our qualified Worksafe trainer and Assessor has more than 20 years of experience in the industry working in construction, entertainment, manufacturing and training at both private RTO’s and TAFE colleges.



Personnel & Materials Hoist Course 26/09/19 FULLY BOOKED

Grand Final Parade Public Holiday 28/09/18 OFFICE CLOSED


Dogging Course 01/10/18 – 04/10/18 FULLY BOOKED

Basic Rigging Course 08/10/18 – 11/10/18 2 PLACES AVAILABLE

Dogging Course 15/10/18 – 18/10/18 FULLY BOOKED

Work Safely at Heights Course 19/10/18 AVAILABLE

Dogging Course 22/10/18 – 25/10/18 3 PLACES AVAILABLE

Basic Rigging Course 29/10/18 – 01/11/18 3 PLACES AVAILABLE


Office Closed 05/11/18

Office Closed Melbourne Cup Day 06/11/18

Personnel & Materials Hoist Course 07/11/18 AVAILABLE

Forklift Course 08/11/18 AVAILABLE

Dogging Course 12/11/18 – 15/11/18 AVAILABLE

Basic Rigging Course 19/11/18 – 22/11/18 AVAILABLE

Intermediate Rigging Course 26/11/18 – 28/11/18 AVAILABLE

Advanced Rigging Course 29/11/18 – 01/12/18 AVAILABLE


Dogging Course 04/12/18 – 07/12/18 AVAILABLE

Basic Rigging Course 10/12/18 – 13/12/18 AVAILABLE

Dogging Course 17/12/18 – 20/12/18 AVAILABLE

All of our Worksafe High Risk Licence courses have a Learner’s Workbook that must be completed prior to the courses to make up the extra nominal hours.  When enrolling into any of these courses please allow a minimum of 1 week prior to the course date to ensure you receive the Learner’s Workbook in time for you to be able to complete it.

Please note, Forklift, Work Safely at Heights, Scissor Lift & Elevating Work Platform courses will not be running until further notice, due to our lack of availability during this busy time.  For PRICING please call our office 03 9706 8383. 

Select a course to view its components.

In order to obtain a Licence to Perform High Risk Work, all candidates must be 18 years of age or older by Law.  If you are successful in passing the course, you will be required to lodge your Worksafe Notice of Assessment at Australia Post within 60 days at the cost of $65 per licence.  This is a fee charged by Worksafe Victoria at Australia Post and is additional to your course fee.

Our experienced Trainer and Assessor  has more than 15  years experience as a qualified trainer and over 20 years in the construction, manufacturing, storage and chemical industries.

All training is conducted in a safe environment.

Successful candidates will receive a Statement of Attainment Certificate, WorkSafe Assessment Summary Notice and Permit to Work from a WorkSafe Licensed Assessor, enabling them to commence work as soon as possible.

We are a Registered Training Organisation that offers friendly and flexible training (systems) and will come to you.

Individual members of Incolink may be eligible to claim funding towards the course fee.  Companies who contribute to Incolink may be eligible to claim the course fee through Master Builders Association.  Please call our office to find out more.