Environmental Sustainability

Construction Safety Assurance prefers to be a paperless organisation, whenever feasible.   From March 1, 2011, all Course Learning Materials will be sent to each Learner on a CD, allowing Learner’s to download materials and print them out as necessary.

Why have we gone green?

The reasons are very simple! Quite often up to 50% of our Learner’s leave their materials behind after having completed a course with us.  The majority of times, the left behind materials are simply thrown in the bin, because it is not commercially viable to have the materials posted back to the Learner’s address. All Learners are sent a CD (loaded with resources relating to their particular course) prior to their arrival or at the commencement of the course to use before, during and after the course for reference.

Interesting Facts!

Ink cartridge recycling statistics Unfortunately, whilst recycling and refilling of cartridges has picked up, it appears the number that are reused is still a minority. Statistics vary country to country, but the general range is only 5% – 30% of empty printer cartridges are being recycled. This means hundreds of millions of cartridges are still winding up in landfill every year. The paper reduction diet The widespread use of computers was meant to herald the dawn of a new age – the paperless office. Unfortunately, that hasn’t eventuated. The demand for paper and paper based products is still incredibly high and growing. Today, the world consumes about 300 million tons of paper each year. Recycling Facts Australians used 685,000 tons of newsprint in 2002 and recycled 500,000 tons. This amount is equivalent to 1 billion newspapers. And as of 2008, Australia leads the world as the number one recycler of old newspapers. Most of this amount was processed through curbside collection systems.

Doing Our Bit

To this end the Construction Safety Assurance team are pleased to announce the CSA Environmental Sustainability Initiative.  We are encouraging all Learners that enrol in a CSA course, to go paperless for their resources, we understand that many of our Learners still want to have a printed copy of the materials, we encourage you to print them at home, to alleviate the need for a truck to come rumbling down your street to deliver the materials to you. However, if you really want us to print the materials and send them to you then we will, at a cost to you. As of the 1st of March, 2011 there will be an extra cost that is added to the course fee, if you want us to print and send the materials to you. Simply advise us during the enrolment process and we will send them out to you.

What will it cost?

If you advise during the enrolment process you wish to receive a hard copy of the Learning materials, then $50.00 per course will be added to the course fee. Please help Construction Safety Assurance do our bit for a sustainable future.