CPCCCM2007B Use Explosive Power Tools

CPCCCM2007B Use explosive power tools


CPCCOHS2001A Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry

Unit Descriptor

This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to apply safe and effective operation of explosive power tools (EPT), used to fasten materials or fix fasteners to bases. It includes both direct action and indirect action explosive powered fastening tools.

Elements and Performance Criteria

1 Plan and prepare. 1.1 Work instructions, including plans, specifications, quality requirements and operational details, are obtained, confirmed and applied from relevant information for planning and preparation.
1.2 Safety (OHS) requirements are followed in accordance with safety plans and policies.
1.3 Signage and barricade requirements are identified and implemented.
1.4 Plant, tools and equipment selected to carry out tasks are consistent with job requirements, checked for serviceability, and any faults are rectified or reported prior to commencement.
1.5 Material quantity requirements are calculated in accordance with plans and specifications.
1.6 Materials appropriate to work application are identified, obtained, prepared, safely handled and located ready for use.
1.7 Environmental requirements are identified for the project in accordance with environmental plans and statutory and regulatory authority obligations, and are applied.


2 Set out fasteners. 2.1 Minimum distances for set out from edge of substrate material are adhered to in accordance with legislation, regulations and codes of practice.
2.2 Material is located and temporarily held or fixed into designed position according to detailed drawings.


3 Use EPT. 3.1 EPT is checked for operation according to manufacturer specifications and safety (OHS) requirements for use of EPT.
3.2 Fastener is selected according to requirements of job.
3.3 Charge is selected to assessed requirements for material, base and penetration.